Angela Griffey

English Teacher Angela Griffey


Angela Griffey's bright smile and easy-going attitude help students feel comfortable and engaged in the learning process. She might offer you a cup of organic tea on a cold, rainy day, and she is passionate about healthy food and healthy living. She is a jack of many teacher trades and a master of them all.

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Joey Davis

Science Teacher Joey Davis


Joey Davis teaches Science and English, and he is the Yearbook Adviser for Early College. As a former DCECHS student, Mr. Davis enjoys the opportunity to teach high school students where he learned so much from his teachers.  The most exciting part of teaching for Mr. Davis is helping students find their passion through investigation and problem solving. When he is not in the classroom, Mr. Davis enjoys hiking, walking, and traveling.

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Dee Mallory

Science Teacher Dee Mallory


Dee Mallory brings excitement and fun to learning every day. Her creativeness and artistic spirit will help you see science in a new light, and her practical nature will help you work out problems in more realistic ways. She enjoys being close to nature and loves some good home cooking!

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Kent Smith

Social Studies Teacher, Kent Smith

Teresa Barnhardt

Math teacher Teresa Barnhardt
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